09:16 18-11-2010
Congratulations, really a wonderful collection.
It is very orderly. You are a true collector.
17:13 24-06-2010
Hi Volker,
I've recieved the Tag in great shape
Thanks very much for your help

Greetings from Belgium,
Bros & Buffster
20:56 19-05-2010
What a great Website and a beautiful Collection you Guys have,and now i have a new favorite Song. I think i can help you with the Tag you looking for.

Cheers Volker from Germany/ Duesseldorf
17:36 01-09-2009
Yoow Bros&Buffy,uren plezier met jullie schitterende site ,heb het adres gekregen van freggel, ga regelmatig eens langs droppen ,great collection grtz,Chains&Nicole
00:56 23-06-2009
Hi cindy & Bros,

What a great website and great collection!! many thanks for sharing with us.

23:40 16-01-2009
bloody awsome site will visit again
17:53 27-11-2008
i love the site

keep up the good work

15:11 26-11-2008
Roy (claimjumper2000
Very nice site! I really enjoyed looking around. You've got some great items.
Keep up the good work and I'll be back to visit you again soon. Cheers, Roy
17:55 02-11-2008
tis in orde a dingen.just ist spijtig da diene cloon van da lieken ni lank genoeg blijft zingen,den tammen!
12:19 26-10-2008
fantastic collection,the set up is brilliant,very green with envy on the set of crystal onaments
thank you for sharing your colection with us
11:12 21-10-2008
Hi Guys, love the site, as Wolfgang said "I'm very jealous" Thanks for sharing pics of your collection!
15:35 19-10-2008
Very nice site and great layout. Pictures of the collection displayed are fantastic. Looking forward to checking back to to see the newly aquired additions.
12:57 19-10-2008
Great site guys! Very impressive. Super nice collection. Anxious to watch it grow.
12:45 19-10-2008
Hello from Germany,
this is a GREAT site!!! Very well done! Keep up the good work!
12:33 19-10-2008
Terrific site guys, love the pics. Keep up the good work.
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